If a person goes for an interview while they are working, generally means they are unhappy at their current employ for various reasons, right? Their reasons could vary from being salary related, management issues or perhaps they feel they just need a challenge elsewhere or they feel stagnant.

So, the person puts them self out there and attends a few interviews. They attend one specific interview and tick all the boxes with that potential employer. They get offered the position only to decline it, after been made an offer because their current employer has found out they were on the job hunt.

So, the current employer offers them a very long title as their designation and a reasonable increase. They decline all future interviews as they now have been made an offer which no one could refuse.

Now here it comes if the person really was that unhappy why did they accept the new offer from their current employ? Makes me wonder is the person only chasing a title and an increase in salary. Whatever it is all I can say is please treat recruiters with some respect when they are assisting you during the interview process a lot of effort goes into matching your CV with the right employer as it must be a good fit all round.

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