I see a lot of stories circulating on Social Media relating to the topic of having a bad boss and the people sharing their stories seem totally convinced that their boss is, or was, bad. They tell how their experience with this kind of boss has caused them some sort of emotional trauma amongst other issues.

I have to debate this topic backed with my personal experience working with bad employees.

Yes, you get bad bosses. I absolutely agree. But on the flip side of that, you also get bad employees.

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel that you have a bad boss, you need to assess yourself in this little equation. People in general, like to think that they are totally blameless and that they are innocent. We forget that in most cases, it usually takes two to tango. And we can dance around this subject all day unless we look within ourselves too.

Maybe your boss isn’t all bad and they have their company’s interests at heart. Perhaps they want to grow their business and have a good name in the market. They might even have your best interests at heart when you think that they are targeting you or displaying that elusive “bad boss” behaviour.

If you go to work and you are paid for your hours being at the company, then you need to work those hours that you are paid for. If your employment contract details your job description and clearly outlines your hours of work, tea times and lunch times, then you need to adhere to the contract that you agreed to when you accepted and agreed to by signing on the dotted line.

If your working hours are from 08:00 to 17:00 then you need to be in attendance during those 9 hours per day. It is unacceptable to continuously arrive at 08:30 or later and then use the company’s milk to make your breakfast and spend 10 minutes or more making your coffee with 6 spoons of sugar and then another half an hour to eat your cereal and drink your overly sweet coffee. This time frame between arriving late for work and then filling your belly has stolen over an hour of the company’s time each day (or nearly 6 hours per week) for which, I might add, they pay you for. Most times, the employees stealing this time each day are the ones who have not even put on their computers yet and after their breakfast session, they then proceed to have a smoke break and a meet and greet session with the colleagues that spend their time gossiping about their boss. And when they eventually turn on their computers, they proceed to use the company’s time to surf the net or scroll through Facebook and their other social media platforms and in the worst cases, use their paid for employment time to look for a job that pays more for them to do even less.

Is it any wonder there are bad bosses???

In my personal opinion, there are more bad employees than bad bosses.

If, however, you do really have a bad boss defined by the way they treat you, then that is a different ball game.

Some bosses do love the ego trip they receive from having people report to them. I think it’s the thrill of delegation and the authority of giving orders that powers them up. They love the idea that they can give orders and that their staff have to obey. Perhaps they swear at you and shout their orders across the office or even belittle you in front of your colleagues. Maybe they love the idea of control and then yes, those can be bad traits of a potentially good boss.

Even if you find yourself at the mercy of a “bad” boss, you learn some of life’s greatest lessons and these lessons you won’t easily learn if you have a “good” boss. When you work for a less than great boss, you learn resilience at its highest level. You learn that despite your challenges with your boss, you can be an awesome employee. The patience you learn whilst biting your tongue and taming a raging temper within is priceless. These traits will also teach you what not to do to others. They develop your human side and strengthen you from the inside.

Embrace your bad boss and learn from bad experiences. One day you will thank this person for all the lessons that they have unconsciously taught you!