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Recruiters are people too!!

If a person goes for an interview while they are working, generally
means they are unhappy at their current employ for various reasons, right?
Their reasons could vary from being salary related, management issues or
perhaps they feel they just need a challenge elsewhere or they feel stagnant.

So, the person puts them self out there and attends […]

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Bad Bosses – By Vanessa Pepper

I see a lot of stories circulating on Social Media relating to the topic of having a bad boss and the people sharing their stories seem totally convinced that their boss is, or was, bad. They tell how their experience with this kind of boss has caused them some sort of emotional trauma amongst other […]

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Landing that Dream Job – By Vanessa Pepper

Being in the Recruitment Industry, we receive a lot of Candidates applying for jobs and so many of these Candidates ask us how to improve their chances of success.

The more I am asked this question, the more I learn the reasons why so many people are not landing their dream jobs.

I have compiled a few […]

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Why Are We So Afraid To Ask The Questions That Everyone Wants The Answers To??

An article written by Vanessa Pepper – Director at Gravan Business Solutions.

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So, I’ve been asking myself this question over and over and over again…People want to know the truth. They want the answers, but no one wants to (or has the guts to) ask the questions that will get them to the […]

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